Codashop BGMI: How to Top Up BGMI UC At Cheap Price 2023

Codashop BGMI : Hey there, BGMI fans! We’re talking about BGMI UC – the excellent virtual money you can use to get awesome stuff in the game, like skins and emotes. But how do you get it?

One way is to buy it right in the game, which can cost more. Another way is to use particular websites or apps outside the game. These can give you discounts and more payment options.

One famous website for this is Codashop. It’s safe and has lots of ways to pay. Let’s explore how to improve your BGMI game with UC and why Codashop might be your go-to choice. Stick around!”

What Is Codashop?

Millions of gamers and online shoppers in over 65 countries trust Codashop, a global in-game currency and entertainment marketplace. It provides a wide range of goods, such as:

  • UC for BGMI, CP for Call of Duty: Mobile, and Diamonds for Free Fire are examples of in-game money.
  • Game passes like the Elite Pass for Free Fire and the Battle Pass for BGMI.
  • Emotes, skins, and other in-game accessories.
  • Gift cards for well-known software and services, including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Codashop works closely with game publishers and app developers to guarantee that purchases are made swiftly and securely. Additionally, it provides a range of payment options, such as mobile wallets, debit cards, and credit cards.

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Codashop BGMI UC Price:

Depending on how much BGMI UC you wish to buy, different amounts of UC have different prices on Codashop. The following prices are accurate as of today, September 2023:

  • 60 UC: ₹50
  • 325 UC: ₹269
  • 660 UC: ₹539
  • 1800 UC: ₹1200
  • 3850 UC: ₹2699
  • 8100 UC: ₹5399

On UC, Codashop frequently provides discounts and coupon codes. These are available on the Codashop website, mobile app, and social media. You can also obtain a lower price if you purchase BGMI UC in large quantities from Codashop. For instance, purchasing 1800 UC will result in a lower cost per UC than purchasing 60 UC.

The last option is to use a rewards or cashback program to gain money back on your UC purchase. Cashback or rewards schemes are available with some credit cards and other payment options. These can be used to request a refund for your UC purchase.

How to Purchase UC In BGMI From Codashop?

Sure, here are the steps on how to purchase UC in BGMI from Codashop:

  1. Go to the Codashop website or app.
  2. Select “Battlegrounds Mobile India” from the list of games.
  3. Enter your BGMI User ID.
  4. Select the amount of UC you want to purchase.

  • Choose a payment method.

  • Complete the payment.
make the payment
make the payment

Once the payment is processed, the UC will be added to your BGMI account.

How To Use Codashop In Bgmi :

  1. You may use your preferred search engine to look up “Codashop” to find the Codashop website or app.
  2. You must choose “Battlegrounds Mobile India” from the list of games once you are on the Codashop website or app.
  3. Your BGMI User ID should be entered in the box.
  4. The ID you use to sign into the game is this.
  5. You may choose how much UC you wish to buy.
  6. UC costs vary depending on how much you wish to purchase.
  7. Select a payment option. Payment options accepted by Codashop include credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets.

Finish making the payment. After choosing a payment option, you will be sent to a secure payment page. To finish the payment, adhere to the directions on the page.

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Some tips for purchasing UC in BGMI from Codashop:

  • Look for special offers and discount coupons. On UC, Codashop frequently provides discounts and coupon codes. 
  • These are available on the Codashop website, mobile app, and social media.
  • Purchase in large quantities. The cost per UC will often be lower if you purchase a significant quantity of UC simultaneously.
  • Utilize a rewards or cashback program. Cashback or rewards schemes are available with some credit cards and other payment options. 
  • These can be used to request a refund for your UC purchase.

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Is BGMI available on Codashop?

  • Purchase BGMI UC today and enjoy a seamless top-up experience only at Codashop! Reminder: Please restart the game app after you complete the payment to receive the UC.

Is BGMI removed from Codashop?

  • BGMI was pulled out of Google Play Store and Apple App Store on July 28 following an interim government order. The app was also removed from third-party marketplaces such as Codashop and BGMI’s website.

How to get 10 UC in BGMI?

  • Google Opinion Rewards remains the safest and most reliable way to earn free UC in BGMI. This reward program by Google asks its users to give their opinions on occasional surveys

Conclusion :

There are a few ways to top up BGMI UC at a cheap price. One way is using a third-party website or app like Codashop. Codashop often offers discounts and promo codes on UC so that you can save money on your purchase. You can also buy in bulk to get a better price per UC. Finally, you can use a cashback or rewards program to get money back on your purchase.By following these tips, you can get the lowest price on BGMI UC and purchase more in-game items to enjoy the game more.I hope this helps.

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